Education Case Law

My first law class is now complete.

Here is a poem I had to create about case law for one of my assignments. Cool law professor for making a creative exercise as part of the assignment!!

Case Law

Schools are places of learning
They mold, inspire and teach
But much to my surprise
Educational law is out of reach

As parents you have ideas
How your child’s education will go
Case law doesn’t float through your head
Until you have school conflict woes

As I sat consulting with a lawyer
He told me my case wouldn’t stick
There is no case law to support it
I thought he was just being a dick

I searched through all the case law
And much to my surprise
He was right about my case
I was hoping it was a bunch of lies.

Without educational case law
The people in charge are free
To do whatever the fuck they want
Consequences, they never see

Oh, education case law
It was not meant to be
I guess I have nothing left to do
But get drunk on spiked herbal tea.

3 thoughts on “Education Case Law”

  1. 2021 – Administrative law judge held that school district failed to provide child with Prader-Willi Syndrome with a FAPE because child required “total food security” in a schoolwide environment to obtain a meaningful educational benefit; ordered placement at an educational center where these needs could be met. District Court denied parent’s request for “stay put”. Ninth Circuit reversed denial, remanded for entry of stay-put order at the educational center at school district’s expense.

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