A Call for Action – School Psychologists

Vulnerable children are going to be pushed into more vulnerable circumstances with the new upcoming regulatory changes for school psychologists.

We need to sound the alarm!

New proposed bylaws by the College of Psychologist of BC will be impacting our school psychologists and therefore our children.

I have a child who was assessed by a psychologist connected to MCFD, who diagnosed the ADHD, but didn’t even test for the learning disability after I raised serious concerns regarding his written output.

It took a school psychologist with a practice on the side, to assess my son within 2 months, and his serious learning disability in written output was revealed. My son would not be getting the supports he has today without this assessment. The emotional harm would have continued. This was a private assessment, but she charged less than a community psychologist. Her assessment was also viewed by another professional who said this was the most comprehensive assessment she has ever seen. Without this lovely school psychologist offering her skills as her own practice, it would have been months and months of waiting, to hopefully get a fully correct diagnosis. Having a school psychologist was ideal and I am forever grateful.

For more information on their advocacy work, please see their informative website www.bcschoolpsychadvocacy.com