Child Care Cases

Students (by the Parent) v. Daycare Provider (No. 2), 2023 BCHRT 240 (CanLII)

Application to Dismiss by the Daycare provider – Denied. Complaint continued.

[80]           The issue of what factors led the Daycare to expel the Students will be decided based on the reasons given by the Daycare and any other evidence related to the decision. The Tribunal may have to determine whether the Daycare considered any factors other than its relationship with the Parents. It is likely there would be significant overlap in the evidence about the allegation of discrimination based on family status and the allegation based on the Brother’s disability.

The Child by the Parent v. Le Petit Hibou Preschool and another, 2023 BCHRT 75

Application to Dismiss by the Childcare Center – Denied. Complaint continued.
Filed under Family Status.

There was a confrontation between the mother and staff and after that child was excluded.

From the Case:

(2) The Child’s enrollment in the Preschool was cancelled in the fall of 2019, partway through the 2019-20 school year, following an incident surrounding the anticipated presence of allergens at a Halloween party that was planned at the Preschool. The Parent says the Respondents discriminated against her daughter based on family status when it cancelled her enrollment.