Board of Education Meetings

Your school district will hold monthly public meetings. I have found attending these meetings very helpful through my own advocacy efforts. They may also have committee meetings that are also open to the public.

In British Columbia, the public education system is co-governed by the Ministry of Education and locally elected boards of education. The School Act – the legislation that governs the public education system – sets out the respective roles and responsibilities for the Ministry and local boards. The Ministry is responsible for overseeing the legislative framework, providing operational funding to boards, and setting policy on strategic matters such as curriculum. In their role, boards are responsible for the delivery of educational programs to students and managing student achievement within their respective school districts.

As educational program delivery is the purview of the board, I would encourage you to continue to work with the Board of Education regarding your concerns. Boards and their senior staff are best placed to address issues relating to educational delivery, program management and student achievement within the school district.”  – Ministry of Education

If you are a parent who is regularly attending Board meetings, they are going to start to wonder why you are there. At any time you can directly contact your Trustees. They are elected officials and divided up into school zones. Each school district has an appeal process, so depending on what your concern or issue is related to your child’s education, they may direct you to the appeal process.

Get to know your Trustees.