Ministry of Education

For issues that you feel are serious, by all means, contact the Ministry of Education. The more stories they hear from parents the better. And…psst…the district is not going to want you telling the Ministry anything…feel free to use this strategy as you like.

I am putting them here for your convenience. – Minister – Deputy Minister – Inclusive Education department

If the Ministry doesn’t hear from parents they have no way of knowing the realities of the classroom and as I have heard from many external organizations, if they don’t hear from parents they assume that everything is fine and there are no issues. If you child isn’t getting enough support in the classroom and the school is blaming lack of funding or resources, email the Ministry. Can you imagine if every parents started emailing them when their kids were excluded from the classroom or were lacking in enough support hours??

If your process with the Ministry was unsatisfactory, feel free to file an Ombudsperson complaint.

The Ministry has 30 business days to reply back to you.

If you have any concerns connected to the Ministry of Education, how they handle privacy, you can file a complaint with the Privacy Compliance and Training Branch of the Ministry of Citizens’ Services. The Privacy Compliance and Training Branch (PCTB) is responsible for responding to privacy complaints regarding all government ministries.

Please contact PCTB at or call 250-356-1851. If you are not satisfied with their response or do not receive a response after 30 business days, you may submit a complaint to the OIPC.