To my oppressors, I say…

You are not breaking me,

You are building me.




There is always hope. Always.

This is a human system, designed and maintained by people. Society does change and evolve. If we give up and there is no “resistance, ” things may get even worse.

The reality is that we will always need to advocate. There is no magic bullet that will all of a sudden just cure all of our issues. We need to keep our spirits and emotional regulation on a path that will allow us to “stay in the game”.

This is a social movement. Anti-ableism and anti-oppression work is about an awareness shift, a culture shift, and a priority shift. This will take time, but we can’t give up. And it’s going to take all of us. Every time we educate someone or advocate, it doesn’t matter how small, it all matters. It’s all a grain of sand that will create the beach. All parents/guardians who are advocating in the school system are a part of this work, and we need to do it together.

I encourage you all to reach out and join parent support groups. There are many on Facebook. An excellent one to start with is BC Ed Access to Education. Come find us.