Treatment? Umm….are you sure?

There are many speech language pathology (SLP) sites and organizations that refer to the services that an SLP offers to a person who stutters as treatment. I don’t agree with the word treatment. Treatment to me is for the flu or lazer-hair removal, not stuttering. There is no cure for stuttering, so how can you call this service treatment? Some of these sites I think set both the SLP up for failure along with the person who stutters (PWS). I think it’s false advertising to be honest. Parents and PWS’s are going on these sites looking for info and it seems like the SLP is going to cure them.  Then they go to these sessions and the awkward conversation between the SLP and the parent/client needs to happen as they tell them there is no cure. That doesn’t seem fair to me. I am calling for a removal of the word treatment and in exchange use the word service, because that is what it is. They provide a service. Period.

Stuttering Community Event: Skating

Hello Everyone,

Our next stuttering community event is skating!

Where: Bill Copeland Sport Center in Burnaby, BC
3676 Kensington Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 4Z6

When: November 19th, 2017     1:45-3:45


Skating Fees (Prices do not include tax)
Preschool (3 yrs & under) Free
Child (4-12 yrs) $3.09
Teen (13-18 yrs) $4.14
Student (19-25 yrs with valid ID) $4.14
Adult (19-64 yrs)
Public Skate or Family Hockey $5.33
Parent & Tot (per adult) $3.76
Adult Hockey Drop-in $6.24
Adult Shoot & Score $6.24
Senior (65 yrs & older with valid ID) $4.14
Family Skate (per person) $3.09

For who: Typically our events are all ages, but this month we are focusing on families. This event is for only families who have children who stutter. Everyone in the family is welcome, even Grandpa and Granny’s, cousins, aunts uncles bring the whole clan!

Why: It’s wonderful getting together with other people who stutter and not feeling alone. Kids don’t get that opportunity unless the adults in their lives make it happen.

Please RSVP at


My work email for International Stuttering Awareness Day

** Every year at work I sent out an email about stuttering and hang a huge International Stuttering Awareness poster behind my desk. This is my email for this year. Can you spot the humor?

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time a year again! As I am sure you all know, On Sunday October 22nd, it was International Stuttering Awareness Day. It’s such a popular holiday, I don’t know why it’s not a STAT day really. HA!

Ok some facts about stuttering!

  1. Recent research suggests that there is a lack of blood flow in the brain in the area of communication in people who stutter. The more restriction of blood flow the higher severity of stuttering. Along with some other neurological happenings, stuttering occurs.
  2. There is strong evidence to support stuttering is hereditary.
  3. 1% of the population stutter.
  4. In the past people received electric shock therapy or physical discipline because they believed stuttering was behavioral and a bad habit. Many parts of the world they still believe this.  2 weeks ago a child was thrashed to death in India by his teacher because of his stuttering.
  5. Stuttering does not reflect someone’s mental ability. If someone talks slower doesn’t mean they work slower or think slower, etc.

Best ways to communicate with someone who stutters

  1. Don’t fill in their words. I know you think you are being helpful, but it’s actually the opposite.
  2. Maintain eye contact and keep a neutral expression as you would be communicating with other.
  3. This seems obvious, but this happens ALL the time. People who stutter don’t like it when other people mimic, or laugh at them.

Famous people who stutter

  1. Joe Biden
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Marilyn Manroe
  4. Kim Block

As always I am very open to questions and discussions about stuttering and you all know where to find me. 😊

Take care


The relationship between an SLP and PWS.

What is the relationship between an SLP and PWS? Is it one that is equal with shifts in power, and equality in decision making or is one person more dependent on the other. Without the participation of the PWS the SLP is helpless. Unable to make progress and experience frustration. Without the participation of the SLP the PWS is helpless. Unable to make progress and experience frustration.  Both parties have information and knowledge that the other person doesn’t have.

The relationship between the SLP and PWS is like every other relationship. Time needs to be invested. Genuine communication. A willingness to give and take. Compromise may be the name of the game on some days. It will ultimately come down to trust.

Does the PWS trust the SLP and does the SLP trust the PWS?

What does the PWS need? From any SLP I need to know that you are emotionally invested and committed to increasing the quality of my life. I need to know that you are going to listen to me. Not tell me how smart you are by telling me about stuttering, but really listening to me. A big one to build my trust is that you are able to stutter with me. Or are you so uncomfortable with stuttering that you are not comfortable with what you want me to do?

Now what does the SLP need from the PWS to trust them? I would think, and this is me guessing because I am not an SLP, so correct me if I am wrong. I would think that an SLP would need to feel that they don’t need to be perfect all the time. They can have space to try things out, if it doesn’t work, not to have fingers pointed or to have their skill be under judgement. TO have the expectation of a cure taken off their shoulders and to be able to say “I don’t know” lets try this….

Stuttering Community Bowling Event

Let’s Bowl!


Where:  REV’s Bowling    5502 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby BC. (Right beside Skytrain stop Holdom Station)

For a link on how to get there, car/bus/skytrain click below

When: October 15th from 2pm-4pm

Who: For people who stutter and their family and friends. All ages, families/teens, and adults who stutter are all welcome.

Why:  To socialize and chat. We don’t NEED to talk about stuttering. Just to get the community together.

Cost: It is $4 for a game and $4 for shoe rentals. Depends on how many people can make it we can create teams and share the cost of the game. Depends on how many games we want to play as well.

** This is inside so we wont have issues with cancelling due to rain. However please check back to the website. If there are any changes it will be posted as of 10 am that morning.

Please RSVP, so I know the numbers. If we are large enough we could reserve as a group.  email info(at symbol)

I hope to see you all there!




Where are the holes in our system?


Let’s say there is a child in grade 5 who stutters. His teacher and other students fills in his words when he stutters. He gets marks taken off because his oral presentation went on too long. His is avoiding answering questions in class or participating in discussion and gets low participation marks.  He purposely answers questions wrong in class to avoid stuttering on the correct answer. (which I have done as a kid) His teacher allows him not join in reading aloud.

Who advocates for him?

Who is aware that someone needs to advocate for him?

The parent? Do they know what is happening? How would they know? Does he tell his parents? Or is he ashamed of his stuttering and sees these activities as failure?

Is it the SLP who advocates? Is he getting SLP services? Many SLP’s will admit that they do not like to work with people who stutter or what happens in many schools is they say they don’t have the time or expertise to offer speech services for kids who stutter and they refer the student to expensive private practice that the family would need to pay for on an ongoing basis.

So…who advocates for him?

Other groups have outreach services for kids who need more attention in school and require a specialist.

I believe we have a hole in the system of kids slipping through the cracks.


The challenge of stuttering and identity


When I was in University I took a child development class and I learnt something important that changed how I see myself as a person who stutters.


If someone says to a little girl “your dress is pretty” what the little girl perceives is you think I am pretty.

As children growing up and you stutter and someone keeps looking at you strangely or makes fun of your stuttering we cannot separate that fact that someone may not like my stuttering but that they can still like me as a person.

Even as an adult it is challenging to wrap my head around that someone may find my stuttering annoying or may not like listening to it but they can still like me as a person.

I think it’s important to separate our identity from the physical way in which our body prefers to communicate, but yet I also understand how stuttering has had such a huge impact on how I perceive the world around me and has shaped my personality. Stuttering has provided opportunities for me to grow into a person who is brave, persistent, strong, and empathetic. I think these characteristics are more intense because of my life experiences as a person who stutters and my interests have also been influenced.

There is a divide in the stuttering community, those who connect it to their identity and those who want to separate it. My view? Stuttering is a part of my body it is not a representation me, but the effects of stuttering has had a huge influence on who I am as a person and how I perceive the world, and I think for the better.

MSC (Members of the Stuttering Community) Picnic


I have a few ideas have been floating around in my head. A wish list. Things I would like for the stuttering community. Resources and networks that we would have established. Connections really.  My first task that I think is do-able is setting up a social night.  Just being the coordinator and once a month organizing a social activity and setting up a place and time. Kind of like an open house party but in public.

So, September 9th my family and I will be at Central Park in Burnaby. We can throw around the freezbie, play some badminton, throw around a baseball, play some cards. I’ll be bring the items or you can also bring anything else that you would like as well.

When: September 9th, 3-4:30pm. Come anytime, leave anytime. Just pop into say HI if you wish.  No need to RSVP. If it’s raining it will be cancelled.

Who: PWS (people who stutter) and their friends and family are welcome.

Purpose: To socialize and chat. We don’t NEED to talk about stuttering.

Where: Central Park, Burnaby BC, We will meet at around the kids park area. There are picnic tables and if nothing is available I’ll bring blankets and we can find a patch of space. I’ll bring a red balloon so you know it’s us. The above picture is a picture part of the park, but not where we will meet. Please click on the link below to view the park map and it shows you were the closest parking lot is and where the kids park is. We will not be directly at the park but in the green space around the park.

Bring: Feel free to bring any games or outside activities you like.

Central Park Map

I am looking forward to connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Email me if you have any questions