To NDA or not to NDA? That is the Question…

Here is a video on Non-Disclosure Agreements

I find this video fascinating and informative.

In the video, they report that “95% of people report consequences on their mental health” for signing an NDA.

About 3/4 way through they talk about what happens when people push back.

I highly recommend a viewing of this video for anyone going through the human rights tribunal or any kind of legal settlement/agreement process. There is a lot to consider, and a lot to discuss with your lawyer.

Communication Expectations in Education Defined by BC Government

Parents often wonder….

  • how much communication is too little?
  • Too much?
  • Am I allowed to…?
  • What can I expect?

Some parents have lots of communication with their children’s teachers and other parents are struggling not knowing any information or too little to even advocate for their children.

If you hit a brick wall or if you are not getting the information you need, having a policy from the government on communication expectations can be the key you need to get you through the door.

As of July 1st, 2023 this is the Reporting Policy from the BC Government.

Here are just a few clips from the policy statement. To read the full document click here.

Policy Statement

Meaningful and flexible communication of student learning across British Columbia’s K-12 school system ensures parents/guardians and students are informed about student learning.

All learners benefit from individualized descriptive feedback and personal involvement in the assessment process.

Communication of student learning is ongoing throughout the year. This Policy is designed to ensure school districts have the freedom and flexibility to communicate about student learning in a way that best meets the needs of students; this includes communication with students and parents/guardians that is inclusive, accessible, and culturally responsive.” 

Teachers provide timely feedback to parents/guardians and/or students that is responsive to student needs. The communication between home and school can take many forms.” 


Meaningful and flexible communication of student learning in clear and accessible language enables parents/guardians, students, teachers, and administrators to proactively work together to enhance student learning. This Policy ensures the student and parents/guardians are partners in the dialogue about the student’s learning and the best ways to support and further learning. Students benefit when they and their parents/guardians are made aware of their strengths and areas of needed growth and are provided support early.”