Human Rights Decisions (Cases)

These decisions are very important. They are also long to read and can be complex to understand. Hopefully these theme sections, with paragraphs pulled out, will make things a little bit easier.

There are a lot of education cases across Canada, this is not an exhaustive list. If you can’t find a topic in BC, I would suggest you focus your search in Ontario.

How to Look up Cases on

To find cases by topic start your search at

You want to enter your topics into the Document text search field. (Below it is in blue)

Then, the words that you want to find in cases that you think are connected to your concerns you are going to list with ” ” around those words and separate with the & symbol. For example: “education” & “school district” & “accommodation”. That will mean that those exact words will be found in the text documents.

If you want to narrow your search you can click on Jurisdictions and click on the province you live in. You can use human rights cases from other provinces to provide a framework for your advocacy. Courts can use these cases to give guidance on how to resolve your complaint.

The text documents that will come up in your search will include cases but also other text documents written about the topics you entered. So if you want to only look at cases, you can then also click on the case tab. (See below in blue). Also note, along with the case tab, the commentary tab might be useful to read about what people are saying about the case.

Reading and understanding law and your rights can be a powerful tool in advocacy. You’ve got this!