Human Rights Tribunal

If you are wanting to file a complaint through the Human Rights Tribunal, you can contact the Human Rights Clinic and ask them all of your questions so can you properly fill out the form and be in the best position for the Tribunal to accept your complaint.

Want to know if you have legal grounds to file a human rights complaint? This link is directly from the HRT website.

**If at anytime you feel the process is unfair or you are being treated unfairly by the respondents (school district lawyers), please contact your case manager for help. It is the HRT’s responsibility to make sure that your process is fair.

The Underground World of Human Rights Complaints in Education (BC)

A groundbreaking case now allows parents to be attached to their child’s human rights complaints. File under family status.

Human Rights Clinic


Here are great links to understand the duty to accommodate connected to the duty to co-operate, and the duty to inquire.

Human Rights Tribunal

** Due to COVID the hearings are currently all online, and you can sign up to watch them.

Here is my blog on the Human Rights Lunch and Learn I attended. There is a lot of valuable information here. I highly recommend you attend and also read my notes.

Here is also an important link, you can attend their public hearings and see what a hearing looks like.

There is also a law section on this page where you can search past cases.

When you are filing your complaint, this is your opportunity to tell your side of the story. There are three things you will need to prove. Please click on the link below to help guide you.

Other information:

Disability and Accommodation (Mental Health)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


If you are looking for support and would like to know some more information that cannot be posted publicly…. Welcome to The Underground

Things that are not explained explicitly but is good to know….

  1. You can ask the respondents to unredact any documents you receive through your Freedom of Information request from the school district. If the respondents refuse you can submit a general application for the respondents to unredact their documents.
  2. As a parent self representing for a minor, you can submit an application to close the hearing so it is not open to the public. Your hearing information will also not be posted on their website on the hearing list.
  3. You can also anonymize the complaint to protect your child.
  4. Apply to the Human Rights Clinic for time even if you think your income might be too high. They take everything into consideration when deciding to accept you or not.
  5. Ask as many questions as you need to ask along the way.
  6. YouTube videos on law and mediation. Get informed. There isn’t information on the HRT website specific to education which means you are going to need to get informed. Read up on as many education cases as possible.
  7. For human rights reasons, you need to have your child’s diagnosis documented at their school or your human rights complaint can be dismissed.